It is the policy of Yallingup Boardriders to minimize the risk of injury to all members in Club contests by using our risk management plan at all our events.



The goal is to avoid harm, injury and illness by identifying and controlling hazards

Risk is measured in terms of likelihood and consequences.

Risk Management is about applying certain techniques, principles and procedures that will reduce the likelihood of an occurrence or its consequence or both.

A Risk is something that CAN CAUSE or has the POTENTIAL to cause injury or illness.

A Risk or Hazard can be classified in the following areas:

  • VISIBLE hazards eg: Large surf, Cliff overhangs
  • HIDDEN hazards eg: Shallow reef, glass/ syringes in sand, jellyfish & sharks
  • DEVELOPING hazards eg: increasing swell or wind

  • There are risks associated with surfing
  • The risk of injury is low when compared to other sports – but injuries do occur.
  • 95% of injuries occur as a result of behaviour.
  • Most common injuries are:
    • a. Lacerations - $41% (Head 24%, Body 17%)
    • b. Sprains and strains – 35%
  • A waiver works only to cover inherent risks and DOES NOT cover negligence
  • Insurance is not a substitute for risk management – It only comes into play when you have done all you can to minimise risk.