The Yallingup Board Riders was born in 1991 on the local South West beaches. From its humble beginnings it has now grown to a 100 plus members club catering from Novice to Over 45’s.

Yallingup Boardriders Charter

As Members & competitors we want to make sure that we always:

Have fun

  • Because above all that’s what surfing is about: Having fun with mates!!!

Respect, Support and Encourage each other

  • No matter the outcome, we put mateship above all


  • Everybody participates; we all help out from fundraising to setting-up the contest!
  • Foster the next generations of local surfers and provide a platform for each of us to reach our own potential


  • As competitors, we commit to have fun and go hard
  • As members (& parents), we commit that we will be there, support everyone no matter the outcome and support the judges decisions.

We believe the role of the Yallingup Board Riders is to offer an organised and professional environment to learn the basic fundamentals of board riding, surf safety, surf judging, surf enjoyment and competition in a safe, friendly and fun environment. For those who continue to surf competitively and seek a professional future the Yallingup Board Riders experience is a vital stepping stone to their ultimate goal